What is Dynamic Tech

Dynamic Tech is an online platform offering customized Administration and various Preparation programmes to all of our students. Students can access the resources from anywhere, anytime. We have a group of highly-qualified teachers which stay connected with our students.

Our Keypoints

Flexible: Students can enroll on our platform at any time having a full access to their courses. Our curriculum allows our students to study at their own pace: anywhere, anytime, all online.

High Quality: All of our teachers are highly-experienced, highly-qualified, caring professionals. Our instruction is mastery-based, and we take a whole-person approach to learning.

Personalized: We connect with our students personally. We customize our program to the dreams, goals, needs and ambitions of each student, and we assist each student to develop his or her own career plans. Our students are well-known and cared for by our teachers.

Comprehensive: We offer Honors and AP courses through our Apex curriculum. All of our curriculum provides a wide variety of elective courses. We also encourage participation in dual-enrollment courses in the student’s local college.

Adaptive: We offer four online educational courses: AWS SysOps Admin, LINUX (RED HAT) Admin, Certification Preps and Interview Preps.

Responsive: Teachers communicate regularly with students via e-mail, calls. Lessons are graded within a day of submission.

Affordable: Our costs are competitive. Each full-time enrollment offer various core classes for our courses.

Five Spheres,
One Mission

Dynamic Tech employs a holistic approach in service delivery, ensuring complete, well-functioning IT systems that efficiently support mission-critical purposes.